Can it help you become a successful affiliate marketer? In this article we will review the 12 Minute Affiliate system. is it a scam or legit?

After all, there are such countless phony masters(fake gurus) out there who simply need to take your well-deserved cash.

Anyway, is it conceivable that 12 Minute Affiliate is a trick? Is it beneficial to join the 12 Minute Affiliate?

To help you settle on a more educated choice, I’ve conversed with a portion of their understudies in private and explored the program altogether.

Let’s jump into the 12 MINUTE AFFILIATE review now!


12 Minute Affiliate is a preparation program made by the renowned online advertiser Devon Brown.

As indicated by Devon, it is an associate advertising framework that addresses every one of the roadblocks along your way to dispatching an exceptionally beneficial business in subsidiary promoting.

In another word, you simply need to set up the framework and in a real sense trust that commissions will stream into your financial balance.

This clarifies why it is named “12 Minute Affiliate” which infers how rapidly and effectively you can set up a business with their demonstrated framework.

With 12 Minute Affiliate, you will realize how to advertise Click Bank items.

In the event that you have no clue about what is ClickBank, it’s really a notable commercial center where you can gain admittance to such countless advanced items including preparing programs and digital books.

Many individuals have made a fortune by advancing those ClickBank items, so you can get one of them.

Yet, is 12 Minute Affiliate reasonable for you? Devon Brown said it is appropriate for everybody, regardless of whether you are a fledgling or an accomplished online advertiser.

So in the event that you’d prefer to profit from the arrangement of 12 Minute Affiliate, you may check it out today.


12 Minute Affiliate is in no way, shape, or form a trick.

I’ve explored the program altogether and didn’t track down any warnings.

Truth be told, in the event that you simply put in almost no time perusing the acclaimed audit locales, you will see such countless positive surveys of 12 Minute Affiliate.

Devon Brown is a fruitful online advertiser who is embraced by numerous business visionaries.

However, does it sound unrealistic that it just requires 12 minutes to bring in cash?

Indeed, it’s difficult to get wealthy quickly.

Yet, as on account of most solid courses, it is just a showcasing strategy to grab the eye of the overall population.

All things considered, there are such countless interruptions on the Internet and it’s hard to stand apart without an awesome name.

All the more critically, Devon Brown clarifies that this isn’t a pyramid scheme.

At the lower part of the business page, you can see that your prosperity relies upon the number of endeavors you will commit to your online business.

In the event that you comprehend this point, you should realize 12 Minute Affiliate isn’t a trick.



Create your account today, and follow the simple steps to activate your system, and initiate our “Sleep-Sales Technology” process. Or, you can just have us set everything up for you!


Normally, getting traffic (website visitors) is difficult. But not anymore! With our system, you just order as much or as little traffic as you want. It’s literally as easy as ordering a pizza. That’s why we call it “pizza traffic”.


As traffic starts to come, your system will follow up with people and offer them multiple products to buy, AUTOMATICALLY. This happens 24/7/365… EVEN WHILE YOU’RE ASLEEP!

12 Minute Affiliate system: Pricing

The program offers two membership plans at the moment.

Basic Membership

  • Monthly Payment: $47
  • One-Time Payment: $397

Gold Membership

  • Monthly Payment: $97
  • One-Time Payment: $797

The main difference between basic and gold membership is the number of niches you can market. If you choose the basic membership, you can only have landing pages, products and emails to market one niche.

If you upgrade to the Gold Membership, you can promote 3 hot niches i.e. Personal Development, Online Business and Health/Fitness.

Most people would consider upgrading to Gold Membership after raking in some money from a niche.

Positive side of 12 MINUTE AFFILIATE

Devon Brown appreciates a decent standing in the Internet advertising world. Thus, you can have confidence that 12 Minute Affiliate is a genuine item that can help you bring in cash.

Some of the gurus might teach you to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get free traffic from Google, but it takes years to see results.

You need to spend a long time and a lot of money to create content and build backlinks in order that your web pages can be ranked on Google.

Devon realises this problem and thus focuses on teaching you how to use paid traffic to make money much faster.

It’s not uncommon to see some landing pages have thousands of visitors overnight.

Moreover, you can optimise your landing page to teach 40-50 % opt-in rate. In another word, when 1000 visitors are sent to your landing page, 400-500 people will end up opting-in to your email list.

After that, your autoresponder will send a sequence of emails to get them click the affiliate links and generate commissions for you even when you are going on vacation.

Of course, it costs you some money on paid traffic, but as in the case of most successful businesses, initial investment is a must to achieve amazing results.

To play it safe, you can actually start small and scale only when you see positive returns on investment.

Apart from that, you can receive support and seek advice on their Facebook group, after you have signed up for 12 Minute Affiliate. There are thousands of members who are eager to help you. You can ask any questions in the group and get answers quickly.

If you want more support along the way, you might join their personalized 1-on-1 coaching which is an upsell option after you sign up for 12 Minute Affiliate.

Last but not least, with 12 Minute Affiliate, you don’t need to pay for web hosting and set up everything from scratch yourself. You can host your landing pages or website for free inside their system.

Negative side of 12 MINUTE AFFILIATE

As in the case of most training programs, 12 Minute Affiliate is not perfect.

One of the things people complain about is the price of 12 Minute Affiliate.

The basic plan which costs $47 per month is not cheap enough. And there is an additional charge on an autoresponder. So you need to pay an extra monthly fee for the autoresponder like Aweber.

However, you can pay a one-time membership fee of $397, which will be cheaper in the long term.

Besides, you are not allowed to move the landing pages built inside 12 Minute Affiliate elsewhere. That means your website or landing pages can only be hosted in 12 Minute Affiliate.

But most of their students don’t consider it as an issue because the most valuable asset is the email list instead of a landing page, which can be created in a few minutes.


12 Minute Affiliate is a proven blueprint that can facilitate the growth of your business, especially if you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing.

With 12 Minute Affiliate, you can actually set up your affiliate sales funnels and start earning commissions today.

Though it’s hardly possible that you can get rich in 12 minutes, it can help you build a solid foundation for the development of your business.

As a robust system, 12 Minute Affiliate will save you a lot of hassle, time and money.

Similar to most students of 12 Minute Affiliate, I also recommend you to give 12 Minute Affiliate a try and set off your online business journey today.

If you aren’t those people who give up quickly when facing challenges, you will achieve success at the end of the day.

Just try 12 Minute Affiliate today and start working on it. Money loves speed. The faster you take action, the earlier you will succeed.


12 Minute Affiliate is offering a special discount at the moment. You can try both basic and gold memberships for only $9.95 for 2 weeks.

2-week is definitely enough for you to set up all the things and start earning passive income.

So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to give it a try.

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