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How important are Keywords in SEO?

Now, let’s briefly discuss what’s important for SEO in 2021 and what are trends we should care about?

Well, Google creates hundreds of changes to its algorithm annually.

They’re usually minor.

We don’t care about most of them.

But a few times a year, there are so-called broad core algorithm updates and they are major updates with major changes.

Now, since about 2013, I’ll tell you what the history of these changes was.

And it’s essentially a balancing act of Google trying to rank authoritative sites higher, but also giving sites with better content a chance.

So, for example, a lot of big sites, may not have the best content, but they have built up authority over time.

They’re reputable brands.

Consumers trust them.

But at the same time, many small sites have better content.

And so Google has been trying to figure out, well, which one to rank higher because there are so many specific cases with different websites.

And so for small sites, there are very known strategies that get them ahead, which is great because if you’re looking for SEO tricks and hacks, you don’t have to look for them.

because even if there are SEO tricks and hacks which can often get you penalized and are not always ethical, you don’t even need them because Google tells you what’s working now.

And I'll get there in a second.

But, in 2020, covid was all over the news.

And so a concept like why?

Well, became important.

It means your money or your life, meaning sites that have to do with health, finances, wellness, get a lot more scrutiny from Google.

Meaning if you have one of those sites, it may take you longer to rank because they're careful not to show those sites to consumers until those sites build up authority.

So it may take you a little longer, but there is this concept of it that will save you.

It stands for expertise, authority, and building trust.

So when you create content, make sure you're providing great expertise, you're an authority on the subject and consumers start to trust you.

And of course, the other concept, core vitals. These are specifics that will go over in the article, how to make your site faster, how to make sure you are mobile-optimized, how to make sure you have great usability.

because these things specifically will help you rank higher.

So if you're a freelancer, this is fantastic because you know exactly what are the most lucrative best services to provide to your clients that will help them.

And since you help them and their sites rank higher, they'll retain you longer.

So you'll make a lot of money from this.

And if you are an individual website owner, it's also fantastic because you'll know exactly all the good practice methods that work today that are approved by Google.

So you'll never get penalized.

That will help you compete with some of the giants out there.

So these are the trends for 2021, one that we'll be covering this article and that you should see as you take the ride on.

How important are Keywords in SEO

Now, this is kind of fishy political talk, right?

Of course, it doesn't mean that it will automatically rank, but it doesn't address the issue of like, does it help ranking so people in the community think there's still some little bit of help if you have an exact match domain or at least a keyword in your domain.

So all things being equal, I would say it's good to have keywords in your domain.

And if you have an exact match in your domain, that's better.

Now, it's not going to make or break your business.

It's not going to help you rank through the roof is just going to be one tiny advantage you have over the competition.

Now, here's the problem that makes it complicated.

If you have a domain name like cooking soup or whatever the domain name might be.

Well, you see, is that really a great domain name overall?

I know it might be an exact keyword match, but is it a great brand?

Because today you also want to have your domain be a great brand, especially let's say it's cooking soup.

But then like next week, you transfer to seven, which is well, the domain name no longer makes sense because it was too specific.

Specific keywords make it too specific.

So actually having a better-branded domain name that's interesting and professional does look better for your customers.

Then an awkwardly sounding domain, which is usually the kind of domain that's an exact match.

But if you can have a nicely branded domain that does contain a keyword, that will give you the best of all worlds.

With this content, let's begin diving into our SEO, and the way I found that students learn SEO as best is when they break down an SEO into three separate phases because SEO is a complicated topic.

But when they break it down into these three phases, it immediately becomes simpler.

So phase one will be keyword research.

1. Keyword Research

That's the process of identifying keywords that you need to rank for. You can use Keyword research tools like Google Keywords, SEMRUSH, MOZ, etc.,

3. Structuring Your Keywords

Then the second phase of SEO will be correctly placing those keywords you identified on your website and correctly structuring your website so that you give yourself the chance to rank for all those keywords.

3. Content Ranking

After that, the third phase is the process of ranking your pages higher, phases one and two.

You can do it for any page in a matter of maybe an hour or two or something like that or less, depending on how good you are and the length of the page.

But the third part of the process that takes days, weeks, and months, the process of ranking higher.

So now that you understand how we're going to approach this, let's begin looking at the keyword research.

The problem with keywords is that for any worthwhile keywords, it's extremely competitive to rank in Google.

So because of that, if you choose the wrong keywords, you're going to get either no traffic if that keyword is too competitive or traffic that doesn't buy or doesn't engage with your business because different keywords bring people needing different things.

And if it's a mismatch for what your site is, people aren't going to engage.

Now that you understand how important keywords are. To rank up your content and boost up your search ranking for increasing your leads or business.

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