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Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

What is managed VPS hosting?

As the name proposes, Managed VPS Hosting is an overseen administration where you need not stress over anything related to server management. 

In Managed VPS Hosting, your specialist deals with server maintenance like updating the core, software installation, backup, security, and more.

In this article let see how best is Liquid Web in VPS hosting and what they provide to its customers and is it worth the price you pay for…


Liquid Web, hosting company that has ten global data centers and it manages more than 500,000 sites. They offer VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server hosting.

Most start-ups and small businesses prefer shared hosting as it is cost effective and high performance.

But, there is something to be considered about VPS hosting, it is the most entry-level option from the liquid web? VPS hosting handles some issues that shared hosting isn’t able to cover? Is it worth the price?

Managed VPS Hosting with SSD

All VPS hosting is not equal, Liquid Web’s managed VPS provides you with the power of a dedicated server and flexible cloud hosting. They also provide  24X7 most helpful humans in Hosting ™ via phone, chat, and email.

Liquid Web’s VPS is ideal for clients who are willing to control a dedicated server matched with the affordable features of a VPS.

Liquid Web VPS Features

Security Features

Integrated Firewall

Guarantee business flexibility with firewalls that go about as the mainline of guard shielding your oversaw VPS facilitating from malicious web traffic.

Standard ServerSecure Advanced Security

ServerSecure protection with optimized security settings provides protection for fully managed Windows and Linux servers.

Standard DDoS Attack Protection

Get continuous checking to mitigate traffic and safeguard your site and oversaw VPS facilitating from abrupt assaults.


CloudFlare CDN

With Cloudflare, you can use a network of servers from worldwide networks to manage load and increase the performance on your VPS.

Easy Scalability

With Liquid Web you can upgrade or downgrade your managed VPS service with-in short downtime on your server.

Dedicated IP Address

With the help of a dedicated Internet protocol (IP) address, you can enhance speed, performance, and protection for your websites.

Unlimited Sites with InterWorx

InterWorx is an incredible control board for workers that simplifies life for both worker administrators and website users. Notwithstanding the ordinary control panel features, InterWorx represents considerable authority in offering high accessibility and worker grouping, assisting with making your framework design significantly more versatile and dependable.

Plesk and cPanel Available

Appreciate effectively oversaw VPS facilitating with framework level control that incorporates automated updates, application deployment, and maintenance.

How Liquid Web compete with Market leaders

image credit: www.liquidweb.com

Managed VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

Cancellation & Refunds

Dropping your VPS is simple enough. You simply need to open a ticket and say you need out. You can call them by means of telephone or utilize the live talk, yet eventually (in the wake of attempting to persuade you to remain), the outreach group will simply be opening a ticket for you. Should do it without anyone’s help.

Liquid Web offers a refund for VPS facilitating (and just VPS facilitating), yet you just get a pro-rated sum back.

Suppose you pay for a year however drop following a half year; you just need to pay for those initial a half year. It’s all good, all things being equal, yet it would have been ideal to have, say, a full discount for the initial 30 days.

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