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Position Tracking with SEMRUSH


Semrush is the best all-in-one tool suite to improve online visibility and discover marketing insights. It has the best tools and detailed reports that help marketers to work in SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

Position tracking

Position tracking with Semrush (Rank tracking or SERP tracking) allows you to track your website performance for a targeted set of keywords.  Tracking includes geographic location and device type.

How SEMRUSH helps you in position tracking?

Semrush tool comes with thousands of features. Few highlight features are tagging, sorting, filtering, and exporting reports. Features help to measure a website’s SEO or PPC performance and make marketers’ lives simple and easy.

  • Track any domain and keyword even those that are not in Semrush database
  • In a single project, you can track multiple geo-location or devices
  • Simple local SEO tracking and competitor discovery(Local)
  • Sharing report made easy- simple PDF export

Why should you use Position Tracking?

In general, Tracking helps you to know the result of your efforts. On SEO, you could build links, do on-page SEO, run technical audits or write content. You should measure the impact of your efforts on the website’s ranking.

Ranking of your website plays a key if your website operates in a local space as the google result can change depending on the geo-location also it is important to know the ranking of your website in mobile searches as the mobile users increased rapidly in recent times.

Tools in Semrush help you to see how your effort converts to ranking change and know which page gets more traffic from your target keywords. On the other hand, you can concentrate on the weakest pages that need improvement.

Position Tracking Reports and Features: SEMRUSH

  • Configuring Position Tracking
  • Landscape Report
  • Overview Report
  • Rankings Distribution
  • Pages
  • Cannibalization Report
  • Competitors Discovery
  • Devices and Locations
  • Featured Snippets

Configuring Position Tracking

In order to run a Position Tracking campaign, you need to have an active Project.


Landscape Report

Landscape report, you will get a lightning-fast overview of your campaign’s progress. In the Landscape report, you can have a quick walk-through of your trend in visibility and estimated traffic.

Position tracking

Overview Report

With an overview report you can track pain and organic search performance, In this report you will get the details about the domain’s visibility, estimated traffic, and average position for each keyword you are tracking. Tracking both your organic and paid searches you will get a full picture of your site’s visibility on Google and other search domains.

Rankings Distribution

In this tab, with a focus on the top 3, top 10, top 20, and top 100 positions within Google’s results. You will find the Ranking distribution report in the second tab.


From this report you can see which page is performing on your website for which keyword and improve the performance of your SEO. Report also lets users see the list of landing pages on their domain (or a competitors) that rank for at least one keyword in their campaign.

  • Analyze the Keywords for Each Landing Page
  • SERP Features and AMP
  • New and Lost Landing Pages
  • New and Lost Keywords
  • Analyze Changes by Date Range

Cannibalization Report

On your website, you will have multiple pages, and imagine if your own page is competing with another page on your website. As an SEO, you’ll need to spot these occurrences and quickly fix them to improve the site’s visibility.

By using the Cannibalization Report  you can analyze your Cannibalization Health and research the cannibalizing pages.

Competitors Discovery

This is the place where you will find all the competing domains with your site for traffic and keywords. You can add your competitor to your campaign and optimize your page.  Removing competitors from this report is easy as well. You can extract all the below information from this tab.

  • Competition Map
  • Winners and Losers
  • Competitors Table
  • Blacklisting Domains
  • Exports

Devices and Locations:

Users can track the website’s search visibility across multiple devices (desktop, phone, and tablet) and locations. This feature is available only to Guru or Business level subscriptions.

Featured Snippets:

You can get quick insights from this report, such as how many of the target keywords you’ve added to your campaign have featured snippets, how many featured snippets your website already has (if you have any), and how many opportunities there are for your website to go after.

The data will be based on the domain entered in the target domain field at the top. To see how many featured snippets a competitor has, just enter their domain in the target domain field.

Position Tracking Mobile App:

Semrush Position Tracking is available in Google Play(Android) and iTunes store (iOS). The Semrush app lets you follow all of your Position Tracking campaigns on the go so you can never miss a beat in your website’s improvements.

Expert Video: Position Tracking


The limits of this tool are the total number of keywords you can track across your Projects, the ability to run a campaign with multitargeting, and access to the Devices & Locations report. Multi-targeting allows users to gather rank tracking data for multiple devices and locations simultaneously within the same project (for example, Desktop vs Mobile).

Free: 10 keywords (1 Project)

Pro: 500 keywords (3 Projects)

Guru: 1,500 keywords (15 Projects) + access to Multitargeting and Devices & Locations report (10 targetings per project)

Business: 5,000 keywords (25 Projects) + access to Multitargeting and Devices & Locations report (5,000 targetings per project), ability to schedule CSV and Excel exports

If you want the ability to track more keywords than your account allows for, you can reach out to your account executive or our sales team at mail@semrush.com and ask about a custom solution.


I would recommend Semrush to improve your website visibility and track your website ranking. Semrush has multiple tools which will help you to do better marketing. it makes your life simple by helping you in SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.


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