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Why Market Your Business on Facebook(2021)


Welcome to Facebook marketing.

In this training, you are going to learn how to use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool to grow any business.

I do want to take a minute to talk about why you should be using Facebook as a marketing channel and how it’s really different from other social networks and marketing channels out there.

So we’re going to go through five reasons.

#Reason 1

The first reason is simply that there’s two billion active monthly users on Facebook.

And if we look at a chart of all the social network sites here, you can see that Facebook is way out in front with really over two billion users.

So why is this important to you as a marketer or business owner?

Well, Facebook is so big that really, no matter what country you’re in, no matter what age group you’re targeting, your potential customers and audience are going to be on Facebook.

It’s just a fact with an audience that big two billion people.

So if you’re not sure which marketing channel you should be focusing on, you can focus on Facebook because your audience is there.

Without a doubt, it’s just that big.

And you couldn’t really say the same about Instagram or something like that.

It’s got more of a narrower age range, although that is expanding at things like Twitter, again, is a more specific type of user.

Not everybody has Twitter, not everybody has Snapchat, not everybody has Pinterest, but everybody or almost everybody has a Facebook profile.

So you can really target them there.

That’s the first reason.

#Reason 2

Second reason is that the average Facebook user has two hundred friends.

Now, why is this important?

It’s important because that allows Facebook to have a very viral effect, because if two friends like a Facebook page or Facebook post.

Then if they have a third friend that’s interested in similar content!

Facebook is going to show that to them.

And that’s what really creates this viral effect very, very quickly, Facebook is able to really show content to your friend’s group and it just expands so quickly.

Now, that is not the same for something like, say, YouTube.

Like, I use YouTube personally all the time, but I have no idea what my friends look at on YouTube.

I never see a video that they like.

And so it doesn’t create that same viral effect between friends.

#Reason 3

Now, the third reason that you should be using Facebook is that it has real profiles and this may seem obvious, but this is actually the reason that Facebook was able to dominate social media.

They weren’t the first social media site, but they were the first social media site that got people to create real profiles.

And it was because they really want to connect with their friends.

So they obviously putting their real name.

why is that important for business?

Well, let’s say if we look down at it at a post here, if I click in and I can see the people who are really engaging with my content, and then I can click through to their profile.

I can get a sense of who they are, what they’re interested in, where they are, what other content that they like.

And that allows me to build up a very clear buya persona for my business.

You couldn’t say the same for YouTube or Reddit or even Twitter.

People tend to create these pseudo profiles, you know, not their real names because there wasn’t that incentive to really connect with your friends.

So that is something extremely unique to Facebook.

And not only does make it good for, you know, seeing who your competitor’s audience are, get a really clear picture of them you can do for your own.

But also it’s very powerful in terms of if you’re looking at your analytics and you want to see, you know, some analytics on your audience, you can be very clear.

You can be very certain that, you know, their age, gender, their location is extremely accurate because people have put that in themselves.

#Reason 4

And also then for Facebook ads, you can much better target people based on who they are.

And that is an extremely powerful reason to market your business on Facebook and because they have real profiles.

So no, for in case you weren’t aware, Facebook owns Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

And if we go back to the most famous social networks worldwide as of this date.

You can see that one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, even one, two, three, four, five, six.

In the top six, Facebook owns three of them.

So Facebook is setting up their first.

It makes it much easier for you to say, connect with people on Facebook Messenger.

That’s all integrated.

Also, it’s much easier if you have people on Instagram or you’re setting up an account there to invite people from Facebook across Facebook ads is also integrated.

So you can you can even target Facebook users on Instagram, in ads and WhatsApp.

You can be sure that there’s more integrations and opportunities opening up there.

So, again, if you’re not really sure that’s where to get started, Facebook really can just leverage and be used to grow audiences on all these other platforms as well.

#Reason 5

Now, the final reason that you really want to market your business on Facebook is that Facebook has a powerful platform.

And even if you don’t have the budget or are not considering advertising on Facebook right now, you need to have this in the back of your mind as a reason to really just grow a business on Facebook.

And this is because, um, you actually it’s no longer possible to even create ads on Facebook without a published Facebook page.

So that’s why you’ll need to set up a page if you want to advertise.

But also if you have an audience built up, well, then I can say to Facebook ads.

hey, I’ve got an audience built up, this is what they’re like, and go out and find me more people like that.

And so with a bit of a sample, you can give that to Facebook and they can really find more people like that.

Otherwise, it’s going to be much harder for Facebook to really understand who or the type of people who engage with your content.

You know, what are their profiles like where they based.

So by building up a Facebook page and building up an audience, then that would really improve your marketing efforts on Facebook probably by 10 times.

So those are the five reasons why you should use Facebook as a marketing channel and how it’s different from other marketing channels out there.

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